Robert Wallace

Robert Wallace founded Artemus Consulting Group in 2004 following a thirty-three year career with the Central Intelligence Agency. Wallace has received multiple honors for his work in the intelligence community. He is a dynamic public speaker and co-author of six books: Nine from the Ninth, A Memoir of Vietnam War; Spycraft: The Secret History of the CIA’s Spytechs from Communism to Al-Qaeda; The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception; Spy Sites of Washington, DC; Spy Sites of New York and Spy Sites of Philadelphia. Along with H. Keith Melton, Wallace is co-executive producer of SPYCRAFT, an eight episode 2021 Netflix documentary on espionage tradecraft.


Charles J. (Chuck) Miller, Jr.

Served 28 years in the Central Intelligence Agency and National Reconnaissance Office. At CIA, Mr. Miller held assignments as a Technical Operations Officer, Program Manager, Systems Engineer and Technical Counterintelligence Officer. At the NRO, he served as Mission Director, Project Manager and Senior Systems Engineer. Over his government career, Mr. Miller served abroad for ten years and traveled extensively in support of overseas operations. Mr. Miller retired in 2001 and was awarded the Career Intelligence Medal and the NRO Silver Medal for Achievement. He has continued his technical support to National Security Programs through TASC, Inc. and GCI, Inc. Since 2009, Mr. Miller has been an independent consultant and a Principal Associate of the Artemus Consulting Group and a consultant to the CIA Center for the Study of Intelligence.


Emanuel t. (Manny) Simantiras

Manny Simantiras is a multimedia developer, instructional systems designer and retiree of the Central Intelligence Agency where he served as a senior manager in the Directorate of Operations for 33 years.  He is the owner and creative director of E. T. Simantiras Design and consults with government and private-sector organizations who seek his instructional design and multimedia design expertise. As Artemus Consulting Group’s Webmaster, Manny collaborates with Robert Wallace to produce the company’s website and  bi-weekly newsletter highlighting current issues of cybersecurity, technology, and related areas.



Jack Rich

Jack Rich retired from the Central Intelligence Agency after a career spanning 38 years, then served as a program manager and foreign affairs analyst in the Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research for ten years. Jack had extensive analytical, operational, and managerial experiences in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. His career covered diverse national security and diplomatic issues, and involved working with academia, think tanks, and private industry. Jack has also been an independent contractor to the intelligence community for nine years reviewing documents for the National Archives.


Jim Cotsana

Jim Cotsana served twenty-three years as an Operations Officer and Senior Manager with the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations and Directorate of Science and Technology. As Department Chief of CIA Counterterrorist Center, Mr. Cotsana directed the Department’s mission to identify and disrupt terrorist plans, methods of operation and plots. As a member of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service, he managed the Agency’s covert communications capabilities and coordinated counterintelligence programs to protect personnel and facilities.



Jerry Catt

40+ experience in management, marketing and public affairs positions, developing public-private partnerships to enhance service and product delivery and corporate positioning. Jerry’s extensive experience includes serving as Executive Director of Foundation Services, Inc. and The Minneapolis Foundation where he coordinated philanthropic efforts and needs assessment throughout the metropolitan Twin Cities area. He chaired the Governor’s Commission on Juvenile Prostitution, working with law enforcement, community non-profit organizations and private resources. As President of a multi million dollar health care/rehabilitation company, Jerry directed services to over 20 long term care facilities in Minnesota. His twenty years in pastoral and Campus Ministry positions in California, Minnesota and Kansas provided broad experience in counseling and problem solving.