Artemus Consulting Group


Artemus Consulting Group is a network of skilled intelligence and security professionals with broad experience in domestic and foreign assignments. Artemus associates are distinguished by their proven capabilities formed during decades of work in intelligence operations and management. ACG associates held senior ranks in their respective services, held top security clearances and now work as independent consultants with government and private clients.An Artemus consulting team, whether one person or several, is selected based on the skills, experience and capabilities required to address the client’s need.



Our services are divided into areas of intelligence, security, training, multimedia communications, and presentations.  We develop customized approaches or programs based on client circumstances.  Our consultants bring critical assessment skills and experienced guidance to create an exceptional return on your investment. We are not a vendor or a front door for any specific supplier or product.

Diverse and Decisive…

Because our consultants come from both government and private backgrounds, we identify the best capabilities for tailoring to client requirements.  The ACG network will be a discreet, trusted partner in solving a problem or building a new capability.

We honor the unique personalities, culture and market that make you successful.  Our practice begins with recognizing established client strengths that can be leveraged for future results.

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