The complete A-to-Z guide to how Amazon is taking over everything



It doesn’t matter that Jeff Bezos has stepped down. No industry is safe from the company’s relentless ambition.

Pick an industry, any industry, and chances are, Amazon is having an impact on it right now. Retail —well, that’s been obvious for a long time. Other sectors might surprise you, though, such as medical care, ocean freight shipping, gaming, and…hair salons. When you consider Amazon’s collective influence across business and society, through subsidiaries such as Ring, Twitch, Whole Foods, MGM, Zappos, Zoox, and more, the result is staggering. And under new CEO Andy Jassy—who grew AWS into the revenue engine that powers the entire operation—it looks like it might only get bigger.

To understand Amazon’s reach, and the forces that could bring it down (or break it up), Fast Company’s editors and writers created an encyclopedic guide to Amazon’s colossal and ever-mutating domain, most of which you can’t even see.

Welcome to Amazon, unpacked.


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